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Who the hell's Gene?
- Torpedo Jones

Torpedo Jones is a baseball player who plays for the Wonder Wharf Wonderdogs baseball team. He is Bob Belcher's hero and role model (despite being the same age). He doesn't speak in his first appearance in "Lobsterfest," but he talks later in "Torpedo."

He is voiced by Robert Ben Garant.



Torpedo is a middle-aged man with a few veins on his face, usually seen in his baseball uniform, keeping his hair slightly long and messy, and had his facial hair in a circle beard.


At first glance, Torpedo is a lovable athlete, but he has a corrupt side which becomes apparent. He is unrepentant and freely admits to Bob that he was greasing baseballs since the start of his career, including "the pitch", and using numerous methods for each game to do so. He also admits to having at three families across the different states and regifting toys for his "away" families from his "home field" one, while trying to justify it by saying most major leaguers do it.


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Bob once witnessed his infamous pitch (the "split-finger skadootch") that happened fifteen years ago but he is now "hitting rock bottom." ("Torpedo")



The Belchers[]



  1. In "Torpedo," Bob states that Torpedo Jones is the same age as him. Bob turned 46 in "Are You There Bob? It's Me, Birthday."


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