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Touch N' Sea Aquarium is an aquarium located by the King's Head Island ferry on Front Street. It is owned and operated by Judy.

In "Aquaticism", Judy announces that she is shutting the place down because she can't pay the aquarium's taxes. After overhearing Mort saying that churches and places of worship get tax-exemption status, Lousie attempts to turn the aquarium into the Church of Aquaticism.


  • Unlike many aquariums, it isn't a non-profit organization as Judy has to pay taxes on the place and makes money off the sale of merchandise in the gift shop. Bob refers to the place as a "keychain store with fish."
  • Touch N' Sea was presumably the aquarium referred to previously in "The Oeder Games" where Zeke suggests going to an aquarium on a date with Tina.
  • At the end of "Aquaticism," Roger suggests Judy make the aquarium an event venue to keep it in business. It's unknown if she listened to his advice or if the aquarium shut down afterwards.