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Troop 119[]

Troop 119 is the Thundergirls troop that Tina Belcher belongs to and contains 6 members (as of Season 13, Episode 10 "The Plight Before Christmas") and their leader Ginny. The troop was first introduced in Season 5, Episode 7 "Tina Tailor Soldier Spy" where Tina must go undercover within the troop to uncover the mole that is giving away their cookie secrets to their rivals, Troop 257. Tina is able to deduce that Rena is the mole where she leaves 119 to join troop 257 again.

They reappear in the Season 6 episode, "Secret Admiral-irer," when they volunteer at the Elegant Doily Retirement Home, where they help around and spend time with the elders for a minimum of 45 minutes every designated day. One of the nurses gave them their responsibilities, with Tina having to spend time with Meryl.

In the Troop's Next appearance, Season 10, Episode 3 "Motor, She Boat", Harley makes her first appearance as member of the Thundergirls, replacing Rena as the 6th member, and all other members can be seen with their dads competing in the cardboard boat race.

Troop 119's most recent appearance is in Season 13, Episode 10 "The Plight Before Christmas" where the troop is seen struggling to put on their Christmas show in front of City Hall about traditions from around the world. Each member gets multiple parts and can be seen changing/in different costumes throughout.