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Troop 257[]

Troop 257 is the rival thundergirls troop of Troop 119. First introduced in Tina Tailor Soldier Spy, Troop 257 was accused of stealing cookie leads from Troop 119, leading to an investigation by Tina and Louise. It was discovered Rena was a double agent stealing cookie leads from Troop 119 during “an epic cookie battle”

Troop 257 is featured again during Motor, She Boat. Troop member Patty attached an illegal motor to her cardboard boat and was caught by Tina. It was Patty’s plan to be caught by Karen so that she could be promoted, and give the troop better cookie leads.

Troop 257 is very intense, cut-throat thundergirls troop. They love wood carving, selling cookies and knives. According to Ginny, Troop 257 has the best cookie sales. Their competitive nature bothers/scares their troop leader Bethany (Thundergirls). During Motor, She Boat, Bob points out that one member has a teardrop tattoo Tina says she draws on before meetings.