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These are known episodes that have not yet been scheduled to air or it is unknown which season it will air in. They are ordered chronologically from when the table reads occurred. If not all the episodes have a known production code, table read order stands. Only if all the episodes have known production codes should production order be used. TBA should be used for unknown production codes.

Episodes should only be moved into season pages when the press info from FOXFLASH is released which includes the following info; airdate, TV rating, plot, production code, and guest voices. This is usually released approximately a month before an episode's airdate.

Guest voices

  • Bay Davis (unknown episode)[1]

The follow names were mentioned by Loren Bouchard in the show's 2021 SDCC panel and are yet to have appeared.

List of episodes

Script cover Title Table read date Production code
Note: During the COVID-19 pandemic, production of episodes shifted from the show's offices to employees' homes. As a result, there were no in-person table reads and no known script covers produced. Known episode titles are either sourced from the United States Copyright Office's online public catalog or the show's 2021 SDCC panel.[2]
"Touch of Evaluations" Unknown
"Video Killed the Gene-io Star" Unknown
"Frigate Me Not" Unknown
"Ferry On My Wayward Bob and Linda" Unknown
"Interview with the Pop Pop-ire" Unknown
"Ancient Misbehavin'" Unknown
"The Spider House Rules" Unknown
"Clear and Present Ginger" Unknown
"A-Sprout a Boy" Unknown