Hey everyone, Derp here. So if you can read this, I just need a minute of your time.

This Wiki migration is really getting on my nerves right now in terms of editing. I don't know if either of you have had any troubles with editing. But, in my instance, I'm about 3 minutes into transcribing an episode, when I save my progress just to be sure it actually saves (It deleted my progress TWICE during Best Burger). Then when I go to start editing again, I click the edit button and everything is gone. But the page still has text on it when not in editing mode. ???

I'm just wondering if anyone else that does consistent edits is having problems and the measures they're taking to fix them? I cannot write transcripts in this condition, if there's just gonna be different problems every time I try to edit.

Thank you for reading. Please leave any experiences with this migration that have left a bad impression on you down below. I wanna know how to get around these issues.

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