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 Not to be confused with the Season 3 episode, Broadcast Wagstaff School News

Tammy Larsen anchoring Wagstaff School News

The WSN, or Wagstaff School News, is a school news program taught by Mr. Grant (Will Forte) at Wagstaff School. It first appears in "Broadcast Wagstaff School News" when Tina auditions and ends up as Staff Intern, a nobody who passes juice boxes around to the WSN Team. When Tina broadcasts her own news program, the WSN become angry that Tina's news program gets more attention and mojo than the WSN; they trick the school into thinking that she is the Mad Pooper by filming a "reenactment." After Zeke, the sports reporter, is revealed to be the Mad Pooper at the anti-smoking assembly, Tina gets her own special on the WSN known as 'The Tina Table.'

The program covers the Wagstaff School student body president election campaign in "The Millie-Churian Candidate".

The program covers the so-called Wagstaff School lice outbreak where many students, including Tammy, were quarantined. Jocelyn subs for Tammy on reporting.

In "The Hormone-iums", Jocelyn presents a segment on the play, "Mona-nucleosis", staged by the Hormone-iums.

In "Bye Bye Boo Boo", Tammy reports on Boo Boo leaving Boyz4Now.


Tina Belcher presenting The Tina Table

  • Anchor - Tammy Larsen
  • Sports Reporter - Zeke
  • Field Reporters - Andy and Ollie Pesto
  • Camera - Rachel Hastings
  • Boom Operator - Kimball Shirley
  • Sound - Brian LoSchavio
  • Lightning - Tad Stones
  • Copy Editor - Greg Thompson
  • Technical Operator - Jen Coyle
  • Closed Captions - Elizabeth Epps
  • Graphics - Hector Reynoso
  • Video Editor - Serguei Koucherov
  • Production Staff - Anthony Aguinaldo
  • Information Technology (IT) - Landon McCool
  • Staff Intern - Tina Belcher (formerly; current host of 'The Tina Table')