Bob's Burgers character
Warren Fitzgerald
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Occupation Businessman
Behind the scenes
First "Pro Tiki/Con Tiki"
Voiced by Chris Parnell
Warren Fitzgerald is an old school friend of Bob's. He shares the Belcher family's enthusiasm for good-natured joking and pranks.

Warren is first mentioned in "Carpe Museum" where Bob says that he sneaked off with him while on a field trip to the zoo to smoke cigarettes in front of the zebras when he was a child. Bob later claims that he didn't actually smoke. Louise brings him up later in the episode when bribing Bob into exploring more of the Amazon room at the Museum of Natural History. Later, before Bob abseils down from the ledge using his volunteer vest he dedicates his glide to him and to Regular Sized Rudy.

He makes his first actual appearance in "Pro Tiki/Con Tiki" where he is shown as an adult and is voiced by Chris Parnell. He is shown to be very rich having recently sold his company and is wanting to reconnect with old friends and family. After having one of Bob's burgers, he decides to invest in Bob's Burgers giving Bob a check for $100,000 but fails to mention his idea of "tiki-fying" the place. The idea, unpopular with Bob is a success until Bob realizes that customers are not coming for the food, just the appearance of the restaurant. He and Warren start fighting after Warren rips up a check Bob takes out from the bank to give back to him. Warren apologizes after realizing that he can't buy his way into Bob's dream and that Linda is his partner to steer the business.


  • Has a pilot's license.
  • Gene once thought he was Bob's alter-ego.
  • Once ate a burger in Japan which cost $1,700.
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