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Jen, Various

Wendy Molyneux Drake (known professionally as Wendy Molyneux) is a writer for Bob's Burgers along with her younger sister Lizzie Molyneux. In addition to her writing credits are some voice performances such as Jen the babysitter in several episodes and Dr. Yap's hygienist in "Dr. Yap."

Molyneux is married to Bob's Burgers Comics writer Jeff Drake.

Episodes Written

All episodes co-written with Lizzie Molyneux

Season 1

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Season 9


  • She and her sister co-wrote the show's first four Thanksgiving-themed episodes.
  • Molyneux and her sibling won the Annie Award for Outstanding Achievement, Writing in an Animated TV/Broadcast Production in 2017 for the episode "The Hormone-iums."[1]


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