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the wine train

Wine Rail is company that operates a wine tasting train known as the Wine Train that the Belcher Family ride on in "The Kids Rob a Train".

Regular Sized Rudy's father, Sylvester Stieblitz, is a regular on the train; he takes his dates there on weekends while Rudy sits in the 'Juice Caboose.'

Children are allowed, but not welcome on the train. They sit in the 'Juice Caboose,' which is a small carriage that has a beanbag (formerly), building blocks, magazines, hourly juice deliveries from employee, Ethan, and a toilet which the trains' chocolatier likes to use.

The locomotive seems to primarily be a freelanced design. However, it does take inspiration from a couple of real life steam locomotives. The streamlined design and headlight with mars light seems to be a cross between Southern Pacific's GS-4 class "Daylight" locomotives. The cab and wheel arrangement seems to be based off of a Canadian Pacific G3C or even possibly a royal Hudson locomotive. The paint scheme is almost identical to the one worn by the Alco FPA-4 locomotives of the Napa Valley Wine Train in California.