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Season 5[]

"Hawk & Chick"[]

Bob and Louise Belcher visit Yuki Kojima in "Hawk & Chick," pleading for her to attend the Hawk and Chick film festival they are putting on. They get her to agree to attend by not telling her that her father is attending.

On the evening of the screening, Linda, Tina, and Gene Belcher escort her to the screening. She finds the film painful to watch and then leaves but just as she does she hears the Belchers dub of the film speaking to her mistakenly out of character. It makes her cry and joins her father up on stage when the film ends.

Season 10[]

"The Hawkening: Look Who's Hawking Now!"[]

In "The Hawkening: Look Who's Hawking Now!," Yuki finds out her father stole a Hawk and Chick movie to cut off a scene and took her cell phone and her son with him to prevent her from finding out she, along with the Belchers and the movie's current owner, confronts him and indirectly plays a role on Louise's plan to get the film back by allowing Linda to hold Yuki's baby son, which distracts Shinji long enough for Louise to snatch the movie from him and return it.