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Season 2[]


In "Burgerboss," Yuli works at Family Funtime, where he forbids Bob from entering without any kids.

Season 5[]

"Adventures in Chinchilla-sitting"[]

In "Adventures in Chinchilla-Sitting," Yuli works at Skating Roller Rink, where he buys Princess Little Piddles from Vanessa Jackson for $40, intending to give Princess Little Piddles as a present for his landlord because he's behind on rent. Louise Belcher points out that he could have given the $40 to his landlord rather than Princess Little Piddles.

Season 7[]

"Ex MachTina"[]

In "Ex MachTina," Yuli works the night shift at Wagstaff School. Gene and Louise Belcher, using their sister's telepresence robot. They convince him that they are a cybersecurity guard.

Season 9[]

"The Taking of Funtime One Two Three"[]

Yuli also appears working at Family Funtime in "The Taking of Funtime One Two Three."