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Season 2[]

"The Belchies"[]

Zeke first appears when he accompanies Jimmy Pesto, Jr. to a derelict taffy factory in "The Belchies." Though Tina had hoped to have alone time with Jimmy Jr., he invited Zeke and his younger brothers without asking. When they enter the factory, Zeke stays close to Jimmy Jr. and encourages him as he dances. The children all enter the elevator and are almost squished before it smashes open on the floor. Zeke attempts to crawl out, but slides out. He is left with Tina, Gene, and Jimmy. He manages to push open the door and both he and Jimmy Jr. leave on their own. At some point, the two meet up with Andy and Ollie when they go to find help for Louise. Bob frees them. He watches as they try to save Louise and suggests that they spit inside so she can swim out. He manages to escape with everyone else and is reunited with his parents ("The Belchies").

"Bad Tina"[]

Zeke shows up next in the school's changing room. He pranks Jimmy by pantsing him. The two get detention for wrestling in the library. He tries to impress Tammy, but only Jimmy is ("Bad Tina").