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Zentipede is a rock band. In "The Laser-inth", Bob learns that the planetarium is hosting its last ever rock and roll laser show based around the band's album, General Inzanity. The band isn't seen at all in the episode but the concept of their album is represented by the laser show. David Herman provides the vocals for some of the songs.

General Inzanity[]


Bob's Burgers - Zentipede (FULL ALBUM)

Bob's Burgers - Zentipede (FULL ALBUM)

Track listing[]

1. "Attention All Humans"
2. "General Inzanity Intro"
3. "Let My People Rock (Part 1)"
4. "Fortress of Inzanity"
5. "Let My People Rock (Part 2)"
6. "Roll A Rock To Rock And Roll"
7. "INZANE BONUS TRACK" (a short snippet is heard in the flashback to teenage Bob at the laser show)


  • The band's logo resembles that of British heavy metal band Iron Maiden.
  • Their album, General Inzanity, is a parody of rock opera concept albums with its narrative bearing similarities to Pink Floyd's The Wall, Rush's 2112, and Styx's Kilroy Was Here.
  • The band's "Let My People Rock" (parts 1 and 2), is a parody of Pink Floyd's "Another Brick in the Wall", a track from the aforementioned The Wall album which is made up of multiple parts spanning one to three. The line, "We don't need no bots", is directly lifted from the lyrics, "We don't need no education/We don't need no thought control."
  • On the Behind Bob's Burgers YouTube channel on April 26, 2017, a video appeared with the unabridged versions of the songs heard in the episode appeared. Presented in the style of a "(FULL ALBUM)" YouTube video.
  • In reality, the band's songs were created by Tim Dacey and The Elegant Too.
  • The story of General Inzanity's minions indefinitely rolling rocks up the hill to build his fortress is inspired by the Greek mythological story of Sisyphus, who was condemned to indefinitely roll a rock up a mountain in Tartarus for all eternity, only to have it fall back down at the end of the day.